January 2007 Clip Results

This Contest was judged by: The Charlotte News and Observer

1st Noah Murray, The Star-Ledger, After-School Horror
2nd Jose Moreno, Courier-Post, Candlelight Vigil
3rd Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Eaton Sentencing
HM Noah Murray, The Star-Ledger, Afternoon Tragedy

Comments: First Place: The individual faces bring it all together with strong emotions. Clear winner. Second Place: Composed well. Great moment of static event. All the elements of candlelight vigil with the added moment of emotion. Third Place: Best face of all pics, but photog knew where to look taking away from spontaneity. HM: Good information in pic. It would have placed higher if cropped left student out, came up at bottom.

Feature Single
1st Jennifer Brown, The Star-Ledger, Fog over the Hudson
2nd Michael Karas, Herald News, Animal for Eid ul-Adah Holiday
3rd John Munson, The Star-Ledger, Hellrazors

Comments: First Place: Nice serendipity. Clouds dip at right moment for umbrella to peak interest. Photog did not over dodge and all the elements came together for a timeless photo. Second Place: Painterly. It draws you into the moment, yet I am taken away to the old world. I see energy but the moment is still. The photog thought about composition. Third Place: I feel like I am there in the moment. Lit very well!

1st Jeff Granit, Tri-Town News, Wrestling Jubo
2nd Frank Wojciechowski, Princeton Packet, Wrestling
3rd Michael Karas, Herald News, Basketball

Comments: First Place: It is a peak moment of victory that is lit well. Second Place: Great expression. Wish the crop was tighter on the left. Third Place: Clean, peak action that was cropped/framed well.

1st Mitsu Yasukawa, The Star-Ledger, Thinking Big
2nd Tom Franklin, The Record, The Proud Paparazzo
3rd None Awarded

Comments: First Place: We could not find something wrong. Enough said. Nice location shooting. Second Place: So close! Should have cropped top down to top of color “photo.” A lower cleaner crop would have won. We love the composition and concept. Third Place: NA

Feature Multiple
1st Ed Murray, The Star-Ledger, Jersey Band
2nd Amy Newman, Herald News, Blind Wrestler
3rd Leslie Barbaro, Herald News, Funeral

Comments: First Place: Looks like the photog enjoyed this shoot. Nice variation of moments, places, emotion. Good, different story. Second Place: Repetitive photos/edit. Needs better cropping. Nice moments, and we like that you followed the subject but need to edit. Third Place: Strong individual photos. Great daily work, but does not rise to the level of story telling.

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