2007-06 Clip Contest Results


This Contest was judged by: Photo Editor Jeff Malet, Senior Staff Photographer Will Lester,
Staff Photographers Thomas R. Cordova and John Valenzuela

1st Jackie Schear-The Trentonian, Murder Reaction
2nd Tyson Trish-The Record, Cabrera Bail Hearing
3rd Tariq Zehawi-The Record, GWB Jumper
HM Matt Apgar-Courier-News, Habitat House

Comments: First place-The only photo entered that had any real urgency or emotion, photog was on top of it. Second place-Photog was able to catch an unusual moment in the courtroom other than a defendant sitting at a table. Third place-Nice image with a good crop from a faraway and difficult situation.

Feature Single
1st Peter Monsees-The Record, Baby Bear
2nd Michael Karas-Herald News, HARP Academy
3rd Peter Monsees-The Record, Chilling Out

Comments: Generally a weak category, no photo really jumped out at any of us. First though was an easy choice, even though we are not ones for animal photos-we did love the bear’s relaxed posture. Second place-was an unusual angle which made all of us do a double-take when viewing it. Third place-a clean background gave this one the nod over other water photos in the group but still very cliche.

1st Ed Murray-Star Ledger, Seton Hall Prep Celebrates
2nd John Munson-Star Ledger, Play at Plate
3rd Michael Karas-Herald News, Clifton Over Bloomfield
HM-Michael Karas-Herald News, Clifton Number 1

Comments: First place-We liked how the photog got right in their with the celebration. We felt that we were part of the jubilation. Second place-Best peak action in the category narrowly missed out on first. Third place-Good use of layers HM-Better crop would have moved this image higher.

1st Ed Murray-Star Ledger, Rutgers’ Moon Mission
2nd Peter Monsees-The Record, Teaneck’s Cultural Mavens
3rd Kevin R. Wexler-Herald News, Cool Character

Comments: First place-was the only image which and any real thought behind it, the image was lit very well. Second place-Good subjects make for a nice moment. Third place-nice balanced lighting.

Feature Multiple
1st Kevin R. Wexler-Herald News, Zainab’s Journey
2nd Danielle P. Richards-The Record, State Fair
3rd Leslie Barbaro-Herald News, Play Ball

Comments: Only 5 entries!!! First place-Zainab’s Journey-nice edit with a good lead image as well as good access moved this one to the top easily. Second place-Folks at the Fair had a tighter edit than Third places Play Ball and that was the difference here.

1st Bumper Dejesus-Star Ledger, Got Money?
2nd Leslie Barbaro-Herald News, Out of Control Sked
3rd Peter Monsees-The Record, Virtual Reality

Comments: First place- Quick easy read, simple photo, which gets to the point. Second place-Well lit and executed.

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