2007-08 Clip Contest Results

This Contest was judged by: St. Petersburg Times photography staff
Boyzell Hosey, Director of Photography
Bruce Moyer, Deputy Director of Photography
Edmund Fountain, Staff Photographer
Scott Keeler, Staff Photographer

1st Jim Anness, The Record, Manhunt
2nd Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Fuel Spill
3rd Danielle P. Richards, The Record, Animal Rescuer

Comments: The first place winner of this category was very clear, as the photographer puts the viewer right in the middle of the scene. the strong quality of light and composition definitely helped elevate the image. Second place did a good job capturing a news scene with all the elements necessary to tell a complete story, while the judges appreciated the emotion shown in the 3rd place winner.

Feature Single
1st Tyson Trish, The Record, Water Spray
2nd Danielle P. Richards, The Record, Living with Cancer
3rd Thomas E. Franklin, The Record, House Call Vet

Comments: The judges felt that the first place winner was a very well-organized frame, with a good energy that spread through the many layers of the frame. Second place showed preparation on part of the photographer as the image showed intimacy not often seen in pictures normally categorized as features. Third place amounted to a funny frame with an odd moment. The expression of the dog staring back at the camera helped elevate this image from the rest of the entrants.

1st Tyson Trish, The Record, David Beckham celebrates
2nd Michael Karas, The Herald News, Olympic Boxer Hopeful
3rd Amy Newman, The Herald News, Wheelchair Basketball

Comments: Only six images were entered in this category, and while the judges felt that it was easy to find a first place winner, picking second and third was more difficult due to a lack of entries and a lack of quality amongst them. First place showed very strong emotion and composition and was clearly the best image of the bunch. Second and third, while better than the remaining pictures in the category and solid pictures in their own right, lacked the additional elements and quirks that traditionally help pictures win contests like this.

1st Thomas Franklin, The Record, The Mod Case Contest
2nd Tyson Trish, The Record, Folk Guitarist
3rd Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Twilight Zone Actor

Comments: The first-place winner showed a wonderful use of mood and light which gave the judges a feeling for the environment of the subject. We also liked that the portrait was not a posed one. Second place displayed an eye-catching use of color but the eye-level composition kept it out of first place. The third place winner provided the judges with a good sense of the subject’s character through his facial expression.

Feature Multiple
1st Matthew Apgar, Courier News, Major or Minor
2nd No Award
3rd No Award

Comments: Only four picture stories were entered in this category, which made judging difficult. The judges felt that the three remaining entries were relatively weak and poorly edited. First place was awarded based on the fact that it was obvious that the photojournalist spent time with their subject in a variety of places over a span of time. The viewer gets a sense of who the subject is as a result.

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