2007-9 Clip Contest Results

Judged by The Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, IL
James Bowey-Editor-in-Chief/Photo Editor
Eric Sumberg-Staff Photographer
Kate Weber-Staff Photographer

Overall: Not a particularly strong category. A lot of September 11th photos, but no single image of those was truly memorable.

1st Place: Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Corrupt Cop
Nice job of stepping back from the action to capture the crowd without using the wide angle. Lucky to have another photographer to fill in flash at just the right moment.

2nd Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, September 11th Memorial
Of the September 11th memorial pictures, this was the strongest. The eye is drawn to the girl quickly.

3rd Place: Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Street Naming
Photographer was close at the right time to capture a moment of grief

Overall: A lot of nice images, though many were game action that didn’t necessarily rise to the level of superlative images. We focused on rewarding those photographers who showed us that were thinking and not just reacting to the action.

1st Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Face Kick
A solid game action shot, could have been cropped in closer to get the viewer right to the action, but easily the best picture of the group

2nd Place: David M Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Football Reflection
A moody picture that uses the natural environment well to make something out a relatively humdrum activity

3rd Place: David M Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Sprints
While it is a similar style shot to 2nd place, this picture was good enough to supercede the other game action. A well-executed picture that makes the viewer want to look again.

Overall: The weakest of the singles categories. One photo would have won (Peter Monsees-bowling alley) if not for what appears to be poor toning. Others would have placed (Michael Karas-Statue unveiling) if he hadn’t crossed out the picture we liked.

1st Place: Leslie Barbaro, Herald News, Tattoo
A well-composed image. Lots to see in this image, a nice moment, though the cutline could have used more information.

2nd Place: Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Construction
A solid effort using graphical elements to tell the story

3rd Place: Peter Monsees, The Record, RV
Good lens choice helps this picture go from average to interesting compositionally

Overall: The winners were all strong images that were well composed/lit

1st Place: Thomas E Franklin, The Record, Gardener
Easily the winner, solid use of wide angle lens to tell the story beyond just the face and the task.

2nd Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Cameramen
Good use of the world around us to get a nice effect. Use of lighting helped to show that the photographer was doing some thinking about how to pop the subject.

3rd Place: Tyson Trish, The Record, WWII
Austere portrait, simple, but given the subject matter, it seemed like an appropriate and well-executed shot.

Overall: Not many entries. Well-executed shots for the most part, all by one photographer.

1st Place: Peter Monsees, The Record, Salt Water
Picture would have been better served by a simpler layout, but a nice way to illustrate the issue.

2nd Place: Peter Monsees, The Record, Doctor Waits
Credit to the photographer for going on location but given that it was an illustration would have liked to have seen more emotion or distress given the subject matter. Well executed, but could have been superlative.

3rd Place: Peter Monsees, The Record, Chinese Medicine
Nicely composed.

Feature Multiple

1st Place: Tyson Trish, The Record-Moving Back In
Photographer was applauded for following family on multiple trips

2nd Place: Jose Moreno, Courier-Post-WrestlersNice work lighting. Could have won but the piece was brought down by posed shot. Wanted to see more behind the scenes, less event shots.

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