2012-01 Clip Contest Results

 This Contest was judged by: Steve Russell, Rick Madonik, David Cooper

Toronto Star



1st  Emurray, Star Ledger, jan_news_emurray02.jpg

2nd Jeff Granit, jan_news_grani_02.jpg

3rd Jeff Granit, jan_news_grani_04.jpg

HM B Sciarrino, Star Ledger, jan_news-scair-03.jpg


By far the best category with some wonderful and emotional pictures, the winner showed a little that left us asking for more of the story. Second was the most emotional and third place was nicely done.


Feature Single

1st Emurray, Star Ledger, jan_feature_emurray02.jpg

2nd Emurray, Star Ledger, jan_feature_emurray01.jpg

3rd Emurray, Star Ledger, jan_feature_emurray03.jpg

HM Jeff Granit,  jan_feat_grani_02.jpg


The first two pictures have beautiful light, in fact first place was a debate as we tried to figure out how the light was hitting her face. The seond place picture was beautifully light too, We debated whether it sould have been entered in Sports. We liked the moving lines of third, that helped that image place higher than the HM.




1st Jeff Granit,  jan_sports_grani_01.jpg

2nd Emurray, Star Ledger, jan_sports_emurray01.jpg




Wow! Two entries? We always look forward to judging clips from south of the border to look at the sports pictures! We we sad to see the lack of sports pictures in the category. Someone get Bill Perlman to start entering!




1st Jeff Granit,  jan_sports_grani_01.jpg


Took a lot of debate between the sports picture and the news winner, but we sided with the action in the picture over the funeral picture.




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