2012-03 Clip Contest Results


This Contest was judged by: Matthew Apgar and Sue Pischke (Herald Times Reporter staff photographers)


1st Michael Karas, mar_news_karas_02

2nd Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev04

3rd Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev03

HM  Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev02


Comments: First place really stood out as an image that immediately got the point across and made us, as viewers, react with a care and concern for the victim–the dog. Second place was a touching moment from a very serious situation–a tighter crop might have helped this image.  Third place was a nice composition with interesting seeing.  Honorable mention was really nice light and deserved props because we know how hard it is to get to a fire in time to get this shot.

Only eight images entered in this category; half of them got awards.


Feature Single

1st Marko Georgiev, mar_feature_georgiev01

2nd Ed Murray, mar_feature_murray_01

3rd Michael Karas, mar_feat_karas_01

HM  none awarded



Interesting seeing on the first place image, making the viewer intrigued. Nice light and composition on second place.  Again, something unique that makes the reader want to know more. Third place had nice light, color, and layers but lacked enough depth of field to make this image place higher.




1st David Warren, mar_sport_warre_01

2nd Jeff Granit, mar_sports_grani_01.jpg

3rd Tyson Trish, mar_sports_trish_02.jpg

HM Tyson Trish mar_sports_trish_03.jpg


Comments: Best category.  Lots of great images, tons of good reaction shots, lots of peak action. Unusual to see a baseball player all bloodied up, and we liked Miggy’s reaction to it.  Second place was a nice quiet moment of their dejection. Third place is the type of image that really needs to run large, or could possibly benefit from a tighter crop, but when seen large makes us chuckle. HM was another quiet dejection, but the reaction was a little too subtle.  There were some really nice wrestling images in here that could possibly have placed, but exposure, color balance, and a severely tilted horizon line all took away from these images.



1st Ed Murray, mar_portrait_murraye_01

2nd David M Warren, mar_portrait_illus_warre_01

3rd David M Warren, mar_portrait_illus_warre_02

HM  none



Comments: First place again clearly stood out as the clear and definitive winner.  Great color, composition, and a clear sense of why this boxer was photographed.  Nice light on second place, and cool composition to place them among the cityscape. Third place made us chuckle. Only seven total entries in this category.





1st   Ed Murray, Feb_multi_emurray (Same Sex Marriage hearing)

2nd Tyson Trish, mar_mm_trish.mp4

3rd Marko Georgiev, mar_multifeature_georgiev




Only three entries.  Of the three, the first place entry stood out for the many great reaction shots, showing how much the issue meant to everyone photographed.  Second place was a really nice feature on athletes of the year, done a little differently using video, interviews, and multiple nicely done portraits.  Third place was a nice example of a good picture package.





Michael Karas, mar_news_karas_02



 This image did the best out of all of the entries in telling the story. We can easily tell what’s going on while looking at a picture that really grips us at the heart and makes us feel for the dog.  Nice work!



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