New Jersey Press Photographers Association Pictures of the Year 2013 Competition Rules announced

Contest Deadline: Friday, March 21st

For questions contact Tyson Trish 973-­‐886-­‐7615 or


Photographs and videos taken or initially published between January 1st and December 31st, 2013 are eligible.

Photos entered in past NJPPA POY contests are not eligible. The exception is the NJPPA Understanding Award.

A contestant is limited to 30 entries total which includes a limit of 6 in multimedia categories.

Photographer of the Year and NJPPA Understanding Award do not count toward the limit of 30.

A single picture can be entered in only one single picture category.

Individual photos from multiple picture categories and the NJPPA Understanding Award may be entered as singles.

Illustration is the only category in which radical darkroom or computer alterations are permitted. Diptychs and Triptychs are allowed only in the Illustration category.

The NJPPA will take every precaution in handling entries, but cannot be responsible for loss, damage or non-­‐receipt of entries. Entry disks will not be returned to you; please send only copies.

Contestant must be a member in good standing to enter the contest.

Judges are empowered to disqualify images they deem to be entered in the wrong category. No entry will be reclassified.

Contest Deadline: Friday, March 21tst

Mail or Deliver your entry to:

Tyson Trish/Photo Department
North Jersey Media Group
1 Garret Mountain Plaza
Woodland Park, NJ 07424



1. Spot News: Photo of an unscheduled news event where no previous planning was possible.

2. General News: Photo of a scheduled event where advanced planning was possible.

3. Feature: Photo of general human interest.

4. Pictorial: Photo that reveals the graphic, aesthetic qualities of a subject with an emphasis on composition and creativity.

5. Portrait/Personality: Photo of a person that reveals the essence of the subject’s character. Portraits related to sports go in this category.

6. Sports Action: Action photo from an athletic event.

7. Sports Feature: Sports related photo that is not action (celebration, reaction, sidelines, coaches, cheerleaders, crowds, etc…)

8. Illustration: (Editorial, food, fashion) A non-­‐reportorial photo produced from a preconceived idea and intended to convey a concept, or a photo that deals with food or fashion. Illustration is the only category in which radical darkroom or computer alterations are permitted. Diptychs and Triptychs are allowed only in the Illustration category.

9. Animal: A photo that is of or includes an animal

10. Personal Vision: A non-­‐traditional or abstract photo that emphasizes individual style or unique vision toward a subject or event.


11. Multiple News: A story, essay, series or sequence of a spot or general news event. (12 Photo Max)

12. Multiple Feature: A human interest story, essay, series or sequence. (12 Photo Max)

13. Sports Portfolio: A portfolio of sports photos that exhibits photographic excellence, versatility, and originality. Twelve photo maximum in the portfolio. (A photo story may be part of the portfolio but is not required and counts as one of the 12 portfolio elements)

14. Photographer of the Year Portfolio:

A POY Portfolio may contain no more than 60 photos/multimedia entries.

POY Portfolios will be judged for overall excellence, originality and versatility.

Only photos taken or first published in 2013 may be entered.

You may enter photos from your NJPPA Understanding Award entry that meet this criteria.

• A POY Portfolio must contain at least one entry from a multiple picture category as well as at least four different single categories, one of which must be a news picture. Up to two Multimedia** entries can be included in the POY Portfolio.


Multimedia POY Portfolio entries must be submitted on CD, DVD or other permanent medium and must be in a MP4 format.

Entry must be the specifically the work of entrant. No team or multi-­‐photographer entries allowed in the POY Portfolio category.

Entries that are incomplete or cannot be viewed properly as stated above are subject to disqualification.

No more than 2 multimedia entries allowed

15. The NJPPA Understanding Award

The concept for this category revolves around the presentation of in-­‐depth projects that do not fall into the standard multiple picture formats. Entries should address human or social issues that are too complex to be presented in any other category. The entry may be in the form of published material (i.e. – magazine article, book, tear sheets, etc…), a portfolio case or entered as digital files on disk. Your entry may be as large or as small as necessary to convey the message. Caption sheets must accompany print entries. Also accompanying the entry should be a statement of no more than 300 words explaining the project (supply three copies of the statement). The entry may be the effort of one or more photographers. Photographs need not be taken in 2013 but must be from a current project. Works in progress are welcomed and may be resubmitted in future NJPPA Understanding Award competitions if no award or special recognition is awarded in this or previous years. Single photos from the entry can also be entered in other POY categories. Portions of your NJPPA Understanding Award entry may be edited and entered in a multiple picture category. Photos from an NJPPA Understanding entry may be part of your Photographer of the Year entry if the photos were taken or first published in 2013. Single photos or multiple photos that have previously won awards in any NJPPA POY category are not eligible. Multimedia entries must fill out the multimedia entry form. Photographers name and affiliation need to be removed or covered from all entries and all formats.


The multimedia categories are intended to appraise storytelling in still photojournalism and/or video — using either individual formats or a combination of still and video. In addition, news value, writing, sound (audio), as well as overall organization, clarity of focus and storytelling will be the guiding criteria for the judges. Each multimedia story entered counts toward the total 30 possible submissions for an individual. However, each journalist is limited to 6 multimedia category entries.

Multimedia Specifications

A photographer may enter a maximum of 6 multimedia entries.

Send your multimedia entries individually and separately from any included in your POY Portfolio entry.

Entries that are incomplete or cannot be viewed properly as stated above are subject to disqualification.

Multimedia entries may be the work of a team, however, all team members must be active members of the NJPPA and submit the work separately as part of their contest entries. Please note on your entry form if any of your multimedia entries are team projects and include the names of the members.

• Videos must be in MP4 format.

Best Multimedia Stories or Essays

16 -­ Best Multimedia Short

Entry must be under 90 seconds.

17 -­ Best Multimedia Daily Story

A story based on daily coverage of news, feature or sporting event. This category will recognize outstanding multimedia reporting utilizing fresh material.

18 -­ Best Multimedia Long Form

A candid story or essay that celebrates life, this category will recognize outstanding long form multimedia reporting utilizing fresh material. Each entry should be a story, sequence or series. Team entries are allowed in this category please reference rules above.

Best of Show

Judges will select a Best of Show from the first place winners of categories 1 – 12. Each multiple picture winner will be judged as a whole. Judges will not consider NJPPA Understanding Award, Sports Portfolio or Photographer of the Year for Best of Show.


Label each disk with your name and affiliation.

Submit only one photographer’s work on each disk.

All entries must be Photoshop files with the following settings:

It is in RGB Mode (preferably converted/tagged as RGB).

The dpi set to 250 with the longest image size dimension at 11 inches

Images must be saved as JPEG

Only one image per file is allowed. Diptychs and Triptychs are allowed only in the Illustration category.

Caption Information

All photos must be entered with the following Photoshop File Info area filled out:

Caption – The information the judges need to know about the photo including the date the photo was taken and a title for that photo. On multiple photo entries, a title and an introductory paragraph about the entry should be added to this field on the first image of the entry. Include the photo’s title before the caption. Your name or affiliation should NOT appear in the caption.

Byline/Author – Your name.

File Naming & Folders

Create a separate folder for each category you enter. Place each entry in the appropriate folder with the full category name, i.e. Spot News. Each entry will be named using the following method:

**YOU MUST GET AN ENTRANTS NUMBER** from the contest chair. Send an email to for your entrant number. It will be a three digit number, for example -­‐ 101 Example: 101_mayor

Photographer’s entrant number: 101_

A short slug and the number of this entry in category: 101_mayor, 101_crash.

For multiple photo categories, keep the same short slug and number for each story and add numbers sequentially. (For example: 101_fire01, 101_fire02, 101_fire03).

For Sports Portfolio and Photographer of the Year portfolios, number each photo sequentially. Create a blank black file to separate singles and stories in the portfolio and number these files accordingly. This will determine the order your photos will be viewed.

(For example: 101_sports01, 101_sports02, 101_sports03).


Name: Address: City: Zip:





The NJPPA needs your help, are you available to volunteer? Yes No

I declare that I am authorized by the copyright holder to submit photos to this contest. I grant permission for the NJPPA to use my submitted photographs on the web, in exhibition, and for promotional, educational or historical record purposes. I declare that the photos were taken or initially published in the calendar year 2013 (except the NJPPA Understanding Award). Pictures entered in previous picture of the year competitions may not be entered again (except in the NJPPA Understanding Award.)




Contest Entry and 2014 Membership $60 (Limit 30 Entries)

Total Payment $ ______________

A check or money order payable to NJPPA must be included with the entry. All entries must be received no later than March 21st, 2014. Late entries will not be accepted.


Entrant Number:




Number of Entries


Spot News


General News








Sports Action


Sports Feature






Personal Vision


Multiple News


Multiple Feature


Sports Portfolio


POY Portfolio (Does not count toward 30 limit)


NJPPA Understanding (Does not count toward 30 limit)


Multimedia Short


Multimedia Daily


Multimedia Long






Multimedia Team Entry Declaration (All team members must be NJPPA members and each team member must enter the work as part of their own contest entry.)




Title Members Title Members Title Members

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