Night Sky Landscape

8 Hours Nighttime Ambience - 4K Grand Teton and Milky Way - Nature soundscapesThe first landscape photo in the collection shows … This photo in Guang’s set captured the blue and green colours of a starry night sky with a few scattered clouds above the desert.

But Baumgarten says you’ll need more than a beautiful night sky to make a great nighttime landscape photo. “It’s what you put in front of the sky that will make or break your shot,” he says.

Tonight sees a big lunar event called the "super worm moon" when the moon will look bigger and brighter in the night sky. Landscape and travel photographer and canon ambassador david noton has put …

For the past several years, German freelance photographer Nikita Roytman has been working on a personal photo project in which he does landscape astrophotography in the style and mood of the …

In winter, head to Moab, Utah to cruise into crowd-free Arches National Park to see some of its 2,000 spectacular arches.

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