2013 2nd Quarter Clip Contest: Sports


1st Stephen Fulton                 – David M Warren

2nd baseball jube                   – John O’Boyle

3rd softball jube                     – John O’Boyle

HM Hockey kiss                    – Michael Karas

NJPPA 2013 First Quarter Clip Results

The NJPPA Monthly Clip Contest has converted to a quarterly contest for 2013. This Contest was judged by Bryan Terry, Nate Billings, and Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman. All images are copyright by the photographers and/or their news organizations. News

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1st Tyson Trish, North Jersey Media Group, A Blessed Governor

2nd Reena Rose Sibayan, Courtroom Emotion

3rd Robert Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, Sorrow

HM Robert Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, Crying Defendant

Comments: Nice photo from a town hall meeting.  

 Feature Single

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1st Tyson Trish, North Jersey Media Group –Rambo

2nd Michael Karas, North Jersey Media Group, Beard Competition

3rd Reena Rose Sibayan, Name Tags

HM Robert Sciarrino, The Star –Ledger, 5_Feat_Sciar_05

Comments: We have seen a lot of dog photos, but the winner surprised us and made us laugh instantly



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1st Peter Ackerman,  Face Plant

2nd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Fading Light

3rd Jeff Granit, Freelance – Victor

HM Peter Ackerman, Key Win

Comments: The unique pose of the wrestlers caught our eye.  



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1st John O’Boyle , The Star-Ledger, Cory Booker

2nd Reena Rose Sibayan, Musician

3rd David M Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer – Pork Dish

Great lighting separated the winners from the rest in this category.

NJPPA Quarterly Clip Contest Rules

The NJPPA clip contest is now a Quarterly Clip Contest. NJPPA members will be allowed to submit up to 15 entries per quarter. Still entries can be sent as attachments to this email address NJPPAPOY@gmail.com multimedia entries must be submitted as URLs in the body of the email. Each quarter we will award a $50 gift card prize to the Best of Show entry as selected by the judges. Please read the updated rules and instructions below.

2012-04 Clip Contest Results

Results of the April 2012 clip contest. Judges: Jeffrey Allred, Chuck Wing and Scott Winterton

Deseret News/Salt Lake City, Region 9




2nd ED MURRAY, The Star-Ledger – Candidate Hug

3rd Jeff Granit-Greater Media –Remembering their Loss


The fire stood out as a clear first, second had a nice moment and third had good emotion


Feature Single

1st David M Warren , Philadelphia Inquirer – Long Rehabilitation

2nd ED MURRAY, The Star-Ledger  – Honey Deal

3rd Michael Karas, North Jersey Media Group – Bruce Springsteen

Comments: first place photog had good vision with the reflection in the wall art/ walker , second had a nice juxtaposition, third was nice emotion



1st ED MURRAY, The Star-Ledger –Track Winner

2nd ED MURRAY, The Star-Ledger – Pitcher gathers his thoughts

3rd David M Warren / Philadelphia Inquirer – Momentary Miss


First was a nice face and reaction, second was a good emotion on losing player, third good action



1st David M Warren / Philadelphia Inquirer – Food Shot

2nd David M Warren / Philadelphia Inquirer – Food Shot

3rd David M Warren / Philadelphia Inquirer – Food Shot

Comments: Entries were sparce and it would have been nice to see more portraiture.  The winners were all food with first place nicely lit, secnond and third rounded out the category.  



Comments: Clearly a nice moment coupled with reflection and lone firefighter.  

2012-03 Clip Contest Results


This Contest was judged by: Matthew Apgar and Sue Pischke (Herald Times Reporter staff photographers)


1st Michael Karas, mar_news_karas_02

2nd Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev04

3rd Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev03

HM  Marco Georgiev, mar_news_georgiev02


Comments: First place really stood out as an image that immediately got the point across and made us, as viewers, react with a care and concern for the victim–the dog. Second place was a touching moment from a very serious situation–a tighter crop might have helped this image.  Third place was a nice composition with interesting seeing.  Honorable mention was really nice light and deserved props because we know how hard it is to get to a fire in time to get this shot. Only eight images entered in this category; half of them got awards.  

Feature Single

1st Marko Georgiev, mar_feature_georgiev01

2nd Ed Murray, mar_feature_murray_01

3rd Michael Karas, mar_feat_karas_01

HM  none awarded



Interesting seeing on the first place image, making the viewer intrigued. Nice light and composition on second place.  Again, something unique that makes the reader want to know more.