2013 2nd Quarter Clip Contest: Sports


1st Stephen Fulton                 – David M Warren

2nd baseball jube                   – John O’Boyle

3rd softball jube                     – John O’Boyle

HM Hockey kiss                    – Michael Karas

NJPPA 2013 First Quarter Clip Results

The NJPPA Monthly Clip Contest has converted to a quarterly contest for 2013. This Contest was judged by Bryan Terry, Nate Billings, and Chris Landsberger, The Oklahoman. All images are copyright by the photographers and/or their news organizations. News

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1st Tyson Trish, North Jersey Media Group, A Blessed Governor

2nd Reena Rose Sibayan, Courtroom Emotion

3rd Robert Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, Sorrow

HM Robert Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, Crying Defendant

Comments: Nice photo from a town hall meeting.  

 Feature Single

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1st Tyson Trish, North Jersey Media Group –Rambo

2nd Michael Karas, North Jersey Media Group, Beard Competition

3rd Reena Rose Sibayan, Name Tags

HM Robert Sciarrino, The Star –Ledger, 5_Feat_Sciar_05

Comments: We have seen a lot of dog photos, but the winner surprised us and made us laugh instantly



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1st Peter Ackerman,  Face Plant

2nd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Fading Light

3rd Jeff Granit, Freelance – Victor

HM Peter Ackerman, Key Win

Comments: The unique pose of the wrestlers caught our eye.  



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1st John O’Boyle , The Star-Ledger, Cory Booker

2nd Reena Rose Sibayan, Musician

3rd David M Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer – Pork Dish

Great lighting separated the winners from the rest in this category.