2010 Clip Contest Final Results


1st Place – David M Warren – 1024 points

2nd Place – Bryan Little – 886 points

3rd Place – Kevin R. Wexler – 831 points

04 Tyson Trish 810

05 Ed Murray 774

06 Reena Sibayan 481

07 Scott Anderson 455

08 Robert Sciarrino 451

09 Michel Karas 422

10 Jeff Granit 378

11 Sarah Rice 268

12 Cie Stroud 236

13 David Gard 112

14 Noah Murray 44

15 John O’Boyle 34

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October 2010

December: http://njppa.bravepages.com/njppa/Dec11/index.htm

Many thanks, many thanks to Peter Ackerman for chairing the clip contest. You’ll note the absence of his name in the final standings. He kindly refrained after having won last year!  

2008-02 Clip Contest Results


This Contest was judged by: Fresno Bee staff photographers: Craig Kohlruss, Mark Crosse, Darrell Wong, Kurt Hegre and Heidi Huber; assistant director of photography Renee Fernandes and Associated Press freelance photographer and photojournalism professor Gary Kazanjian. News
1st Reena Rose Sibayan, The Jersey Journal, Knee in the groin
2nd Saed Hindash, The Star-Ledger, Comforting daughter during fire
3rd (Tie)John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Speaking for her daughter
3rd (Tie) Ed Murray, The Star-Ledger, Fire station burns

Comments: The judges were impressed with many of the images in the news category, particularly the spot news situations. The restraining of the distraught brother of a murder victim was especially evoking. A number of images from this photographer would have worked well in a series, but we settled on the first-place winner. Third place was a tough decision so we finally decided on a tie (hope that’s ok).

2007-12 Clip Contest Results

This Contest was judged by: The Idaho Falls Post-Register Photo Staff

1st Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Waheedah Muhammed
2nd Tyson Trish, The Record, Trailer Court Resident
3rd Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Solari Does Homework

Feature Single
1st Tyson Trish, The Record, Ski Slope
2nd Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Long Shadow
3rd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Mosaic Dance Theater

1st Michael Karas, Herald News, Paterson Catholic Bball
2nd Bryan Littel, The Bridgeton News, Swimming
3rd Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Wayne Hills Bball

1st David Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Twin Bball Players
2nd Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Passaic Police Officer
3rd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Rudolph Koenig

Feature Multiple
1st Bryan Littel, The Bridgeton News, Recount
2nd None Awarded
3rd None Awarded

1st John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Music
2nd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Dance
3rd Thomas Franklin, The Record, Christmas Lights

1st Peter Monsees, The Record, Truffle
2nd Michael Karas, Herald News, Leaf
3rd Leslie Barbaro, Herald News, Halloween Candy

2007-11 Clip Contest Results

This contest was judged by: The Pensacola News Journal Photo DepartmentNews1st Michael Karas, Herald News, Wayne Mayor Wins2nd Bob Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, House Fire3rd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Keever FuneralFeature Single1st David Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer, Time Lapse2nd Marcin Szczepanski, Courier-Post, Christmas Train3rd Tyson Trish, The Record, Moeller New Home Sports1st Tyson Trish, The Record, Soccer Save2nd Mel Evans, AP, Lost Helmet3rd David Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer, Blocked KickHM Tyson Trish, The Record, Gatorade BathPortrait1st Peter Monsees, The Record, Violin Player2nd Robert Sciarrino, The Star-Ledger, Bill Dane3rd David Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer, Hexadecimal Display Feature Multiple1st Michael Karas, Herald News, Homeless2nd None Awarded3rd None AwardedMultimedia1st Peter Monsees, The Record, Rising Star Violinist2nd Marcin Szczepanski, Courier-Post, For the Love of Dominoes3rd John O’Boyle, The Star-Ledger, Cowboy Funeral

2007-10 Clip Contest Results

This Contest was judged by: The Post-Tribune in Merrillville, Indiana. Clip Coordinator, Staff photographer Scott M. Bort Judges: Photo Editor Andy Lavalley, Assistant Photo Editor Jeff Nicholls, Staff Photographer Stephanie Dowell, Freelance Photographers Guy Rhodes, Chuck Mitchell, Scott Brandush and Jason Coons.News1st Place: Michael Karas, Herald News, Praying Chairman2nd Place, Bryan Littel, Bridgeton News, Mourning Family3rd Place, Thomas E. Franklin, The Record, Car FireComments: A thin category- what, not much news going on in the Garden State? The top three rose to the top quickly. 1.) Good moment, very clean. The news value skyrocketed once judges realized it was the hospital board chairman.

2007-9 Clip Contest Results

Judged by The Daily Chronicle, DeKalb, ILJames Bowey-Editor-in-Chief/Photo EditorEric Sumberg-Staff PhotographerKate Weber-Staff PhotographerNewsOverall: Not a particularly strong category. A lot of September 11th photos, but no single image of those was truly memorable.1st Place: Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Corrupt CopNice job of stepping back from the action to capture the crowd without using the wide angle. Lucky to have another photographer to fill in flash at just the right moment.2nd Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, September 11th MemorialOf the September 11th memorial pictures, this was the strongest. The eye is drawn to the girl quickly.3rd Place: Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Street NamingPhotographer was close at the right time to capture a moment of griefSportsOverall: A lot of nice images, though many were game action that didn’t necessarily rise to the level of superlative images. We focused on rewarding those photographers who showed us that were thinking and not just reacting to the action.1st Place: Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Face KickA solid game action shot, could have been cropped in closer to get the viewer right to the action, but easily the best picture of the group2nd Place: David M Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Football ReflectionA moody picture that uses the natural environment well to make something out a relatively humdrum activity3rd Place: David M Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, SprintsWhile it is a similar style shot to 2nd place, this picture was good enough to supercede the other game action.

2007-08 Clip Contest Results

This Contest was judged by: St. Petersburg Times photography staff
Boyzell Hosey, Director of Photography
Bruce Moyer, Deputy Director of Photography
Edmund Fountain, Staff Photographer
Scott Keeler, Staff Photographer

1st Jim Anness, The Record, Manhunt
2nd Tariq Zehawi, The Record, Fuel Spill
3rd Danielle P. Richards, The Record, Animal Rescuer

Comments: The first place winner of this category was very clear, as the photographer puts the viewer right in the middle of the scene. the strong quality of light and composition definitely helped elevate the image. Second place did a good job capturing a news scene with all the elements necessary to tell a complete story, while the judges appreciated the emotion shown in the 3rd place winner. Feature Single
1st Tyson Trish, The Record, Water Spray
2nd Danielle P. Richards, The Record, Living with Cancer
3rd Thomas E. Franklin, The Record, House Call Vet

Comments: The judges felt that the first place winner was a very well-organized frame, with a good energy that spread through the many layers of the frame.

2007-05 Clip Contest Results

Judged by the photo staff at The Day, New London, Conn.; Sean D. Elliot, Suzanne Ouellette, Dana Jensen, Tim Cook, Tim Martin, Adena Stevens, Peter Huoppi. News:

1. Noah Murray, The Star Ledger, Fire Victim

2. Michael Karas, Herald News, Soldier Funeral

3. James Anness, The Record, Wader

Comments: General news is the bread and butter of the daily newspaper photographer.

2007-07 Clip Contest Results

Judged by: Kaylin Bowers, Matthew Rosenberg, and Jason Watson of the The Charlottesville Daily Progress

1st Pamela Ann Suchy, Jersey Journal, Stung by Grief
2nd Kevin Wexler, Herald News, Water, Water, Everywhere
3rd Thomas Franklin, The Record, Twin trailers crash

Feature Single
1st Frank Wojciechowski, Princeton Packet, Statuary Stroll
2nd David Warren, Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Greengenes Plays Sea Isle City
3rd Tyson Trish, The Record, Taiwan
HM Michael Karas, Herald News, Dancer

1st Bryan Littel, Bridgeton News, Pitcher
2nd Micahel Karas, Herald News, Red Bulls header
3rd None

1st Thomas Franklin, The Record, Driveway Chalk
2nd David Warren, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Rachel Katz
3rd Thomas Franklin, The Record, Straw Hat Lady
HM Thomas Franklin, The Record, The Blacksmith

Feature Multiple
1st Reena Rose Sibayan, The Jersey Journal
2nd None
3rd None

2007-06 Clip Contest Results


This Contest was judged by: Photo Editor Jeff Malet, Senior Staff Photographer Will Lester,
Staff Photographers Thomas R. Cordova and John Valenzuela
1st Jackie Schear-The Trentonian, Murder Reaction
2nd Tyson Trish-The Record, Cabrera Bail Hearing
3rd Tariq Zehawi-The Record, GWB Jumper
HM Matt Apgar-Courier-News, Habitat House

Comments: First place-The only photo entered that had any real urgency or emotion, photog was on top of it. Second place-Photog was able to catch an unusual moment in the courtroom other than a defendant sitting at a table. Third place-Nice image with a good crop from a faraway and difficult situation. Feature Single
1st Peter Monsees-The Record, Baby Bear
2nd Michael Karas-Herald News, HARP Academy
3rd Peter Monsees-The Record, Chilling Out

Comments: Generally a weak category, no photo really jumped out at any of us.