2012 Photos of the Year Winners

NJPPA 2012 Annual Contest Results

We are pleased to announce the winners of the NJPPA 2012 Photos of the Year Contest. All of these photos remain the property of their respective copyright owners. Spot News

1st Noah Murray, Listen (Cop)
2nd Tony Kurdzuk, Death (listen Island)
3rd Aristide Economopoulos, Arrested (Greek)
HM Kevin Wexler, Wetlands Fire
HM Michael Karas, Nala (Dog)

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General News
1st April Saul, Cross
2nd Bob Sciarnno, Space Shuttle
3rd April Saul, Mourning
HM Kevin Wexler, Pop Queen
HM Tony Kurdzuk, Fallen Leader

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1st Aristide Economopoulos, Taxi
2nd Aristide Economopoulos, Christmas
3rd Aristide Economopoulos, Beach
HM Saed Hindash, Blow Hard

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1st Tony Kurdzuk, Jetstar Moonlight
2nd Saed Hindash, Hats
3rd Aristide Economopoulos, Carousel
HM Aristide Economopoulos, Fire

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1st Michael Karas, Paul
2nd April Saul, Addicted
3rd Aristide Economopoulos, Pimping
HM Mel Evans, Muslim

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1st Tim Larsen, Take That
2nd Bryan Littel, Delivery
3rd Andy Mills, Squan Surf
HM John Munson, Wrestle
HM Ed Murray, Got it
HM Noah Murray, Ouch

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Sports Feature
1st Noah Murray, One Run Win
2nd Peter Ackerman, Dog Day Race
3rd Saed Hindash, Fathead
HM Saed Hindash, Final Line

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1st David M Warren, Sweetbread
2nd David M Warren, Popcorn

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1st Thomas Costello, Catch of the Day
2nd Michael Karas, Rhea
3rd Tyson Trish, Chase

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Personal Vision
1st Aristide Economopoulos, Traffic
2nd Aristide Economopoulos, Airport
3rd Danielle Richards, Ice Cream

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New Jersey Natural Disaster
1st Ed Murray, Sandy
2nd Andy Mills, Beach
3rd Aristide Economopoulos, Union Beach
HM Aristide Economopoulos, Amish

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Multiple News
1st April Saul, Killing
2nd Tyson Trish, Fight
3rd Peter Ackerman, Sandy

Watch a slide show of the First Place entry by April Saul of the Philadelphia Inquirer. THE KILLING FIELDS OF CAMDEN  In 2012, Camden, NJ became not only the poorest city in America, but–following massive public safety layoffs the year before–the most dangerous. By year’s end, there were a record 67 homicides, and though most were related to drugs and gang warfare, many involved children and victims whose only crime was living in Camden.