Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution and By Laws of the New Jersey Press Photographers Association, Inc.

Article I


The name of this organization shall be the New Jersey Press Photographers Association, Inc.

Article II


The objects of the New Jersey Press Photographers Association, Inc., are:

(a) To act as a medium through which the members may meet and exchange information and ideas pertaining to press photography.

(b) To promote closer cooperation between press photographers.

(c) To create and promote among its members a high spirit of professionalism, fraternalism and the interchange of thought, opinion, and a high standard of conduct.


Article III


A working photojournalist, freelance or staff, who resides in New Jersey or is employed by a news agency that has significant circulation in the state.



Article IV


The annual meeting of the Association shall be held in the month of January.



Article V


This Constitution may be amended as provided for in the By Laws.



By Laws


Article I

Section 1. The fiscal year of the Association shall begin on January 1st and end on December 31st.

Section 2. Election of officers for the ensuing term shall be held biannually. The installation of the newly elected officers shall take place at the annual meeting in January at which time all officers shall then assume office and the President will preside over the meeting.

Section 3. Regular membership meetings shall be at least once a year at the discretion of the executive committee for the purpose of conducting business and educational programs. Executive committee shall meet four times a year.

Section 4. Special meetings may be called at the direction of the President or upon written request of five or more members.

Section 5. At all regular and special membership meetings of the Association, those people who would normally be expected to attend regular meetings shall constitute a quorum.

Section 6. The following affirmation, administered by the President, shall be required of each person on becoming a member:

“I do hereby promise that I will obey and strictly observe all laws, rules and regulations set forth in the Constitution and By Laws of this Association and I do further declare that I will entertain no ill will toward any member thereof.”

Section 7. The following pledge shall be required of each elected officer on taking office:

“I do hereby pledge myself faithfully to perform to the best of my ability, the duties of my office as prescribed in the Constitution and By Laws of this Association.”



Article II

Order of Business

Section 1. The order of business shall be:

1. Call to order

2. Record members present

3. Reading of minutes of previous meeting

4. Treasurer’s report

5. Communications

6. Report of standing committees

7. Sickness and distress reports

8. Report of the Board of Trustees

9. Applications for membership

10. Election of new members by open ballot

11. Installation of new members

12. Unfinished business

13. New business

14. Good and welfare of the Association

15. Adjournment

Section 2. The order of business may be changed or suspended whenever it is for the best interest of the Association.



Article III


Section 1. The officers of the Association shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and five members of the Board of Trustees.

Section 2. The officers enumerated in Section 1 shall be elected by ballot for a term of two years each and they shall serve until their successors are elected and qualify.

Section 3. The officers of this Association shall consist of members in good standing, employed by newspapers, magazines or any news gathering media.



Article IV

Executive Committee

Section 1. The elected officers, together with the Board of Trustees, shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Five (5) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum.

Section 3. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to conduct the business of the Association. They shall be empowered to appoint a counsel, who shall be an attorney-at-law of New Jersey and shall be the legal representative of the Association.

Section 4. No indebtedness shall be incurred unless the funds for the payment thereof shall be in the treasury of the Association and authorized by the Executive Committee.

Section 5. All payments from the Association funds shall be by check and all checks shall be signed by the President or Treasurer.



Article V

Duties of Officers and Trustees

Section 1. PRESIDENT. The President of the Association shall preside at all meetings of the membership and shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the Board of Trustees. He shall appoint all committees as provided in the By Laws, and he must enforce a strict observance of the Board Constitution, the By Laws and the Rules of Order and supervise all balloting. He shall be a member of all committees. He shall neither make or second a motion.

Section 2. In the event that the President shall be absent from any meeting of the membership, the Vice-President shall preside at such meetings. In the event that the President shall be absent from any meeting of the Board of Trustees, a presiding officer shall be elected by the members of the Board present at such meeting. In the event that at any meeting of the membership, there shall be no presiding officer duly constituted under the provision hereinbefore contained, a presiding officer shall be elected by the members of the Association present at such meeting. The presiding officer so elected shall be qualified by the vote of a majority of the individuals attending such meeting and duly qualified and entitled to vote.

Section 3. VICE-PRESIDENT. The Vice-President shall be a member of the Board of Trustees and of all committees and shall preside at all meetings of the membership of the Association in the absence of the President.

Section 4. SECRETARY. The Secretary shall keep a roll of the membership of the Association and a record of the membership of the Board of Trustees and of all committees. He shall make a true record of the proceedings of all meetings of the membership and at all meetings of the Board of Trustees. Such record in each case shall be available for inspection by any member upon reasonable notice to the Secretary. The Secretary shall be authorized and it shall be his duty to write and preserve all general correspondence of the Association, except insofar as such correspondence may be handled by the President, the Treasurer or any committee functioning with the authority of the Association. The Secretary shall notify all members no less than five (5) days prior to the date of any meeting of the membership. He shall keep a record of the attendance at all such meetings and shall notify the members in the event of the death of any member, his resignation or disqualification.

Section 5. TREASURER. The treasurer shall collect all monies payable to the Association, except such monies as are payable to committees, authorized by the Association to collect monies. All funds collected shall be promptly deposited in the name of the Association in a bank selected by agreement of the membership with the Treasurer, whose home or business is conducive to prompt payments or withdrawals. He shall keep a record of all dues paid by members. He shall notify the membership at a regular meeting of any member who is delinquent in his dues, failure to discharge any other indebtedness to the Association or suspension. The Secretary, in turn, will notify said member of such indebtedness or suspension duly acted upon by the membership at a regular meeting preceding notification. He shall provide for the payment of all bills of the Association except such bills as are paid by committees. He shall prepare a monthly financial statement to the Board of Trustees. He shall prepare a complete annual statement of the financial condition of the Association for submission by the Board of Trustees to the membership. Monthly financial statements shall be made by the Treasurer. In his absence, he shall forward his report to the President who shall have the report read at the meeting.

Section 6. BOARD OF TRUSTEES. The Board of Trustees have the authority to formulate policies of the Association and to interpret and enforce the Constitution and By Laws. They will perform such other duties as may be required by the membership. The Board of Trustees shall meet when called upon by the President or any five (5) members in good standing, three of whom must be Trustees. The Board of Trustees will be comprised of the Pictures of the Year representative, clip contest representative, In Focus Editor, and two at large members.



Article VI

Books and Records

Section 1.(a) Every officer on leaving office shall deliver to his successor all papers, books, documents and monies belonging to the Association that may be or should be in his possession.

(b) All such records should be kept forever intact, and may in no way be altered, mutilated or changed by any succeeding officer or by anyone.



Article VII


Section 1. The President shall, if necessary, appoint the following committees:

(a) Audit Committee. The audit committee shall annually make a thorough audit of all the Associations financial transactions and make a report in writing to the Association.

(b) Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint a nominating committee at the first meeting in January. This committee shall prepare and present at the October meeting formal nominations for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five (5) Trustees for the ensuing year. They shall select one or more members for each office. In the case of Trustees, five (5) or more candidates may be nominated for the five (5) Trustees. Other nominations may be made for these offices by petition by any group of five (5) or more members in good standing at the October meeting.

(c) The installation Committee shall arrange for and have charge of the proper installation of all elected officers.

(d) Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall consist of three (3) members and shall receive all applications for membership from the Secretary, and after thorough investigation of the candidates, shall make its recommendation to the Association. Members of this committee shall be comprised of members as defined in Article III, Section 3.

(e) Such other Committees at the President or the Association may from time to time desire.

(f) All committee members shall be members in good standing.



Article VIII

Application for Membership

Section 1. The following shall be the minimum qualifications for membership:

(a) Member shall be an accredited news photographer (either still or video) by a newspaper published or circulated in the State of New Jersey—or a news or photographic operation serving the people of New Jersey, said newspaper or operation to be recognized as such by the Membership Committee.

(b) An interruption for military service the Armed Forces of the United States shall afford a member in good standing to enjoy full privileges of this Association, with suspension dues for the duration of such service.

Section 2. Applications for membership shall be made in writing and shall be submitted to the Secretary.

Section 3. Application for membership must be accompanied by the $Forty Dollars ($40.00) annual fee. Renewal fees are due by the last day of February to maintain active membership status. New members may join throughout the year. Such fees shall be turned over to the Treasurer immediately and to be held pending action on the application. If the applicant is rejected, the fees shall be returned to the applicant.

Section 4. The following shall be considered Charter Members:

Those who attended organizational meetings prior to the Charter date of March 17th, 1952, and who made a living from photography of which a part was press photography. Those applications for membership from March 17th, 1952, shall be governed by the Constitution and By Laws of this Association.

Section 5. Resignations and Expulsions.

(a) Resignations of members shall be made in writing to the Secretary. No member may resign while indebted to the Association.


(b) Any member may be expelled for any conduct which is improper or prejudicial to the associations best interest, by charges made in writing by three (3) or more members in good standing of the Association. Such charges to be submitted to the Board of Trustees which shall cause a copy of such charges to be sent by registered mail to the accused at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting of this Association at which charges are to be considered. It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to investigate such charges and to report to the Association the result of such investigation.

The decision as to the action to be taken on the charges shall be made by a three-fourths vote of the members present at a regular or special meeting of the Association. The accused shall have been given an opportunity to answer and refute charges made against him.

(c) Penalties:

Any member who shall resign shall forfeit all rights and claims of this Association immediately

Any member who shall be expelled shall forfeit all rights and claims of this Association.



Article IX

Conduct at Meetings

All meetings of the Association shall be conducted in accordance with Parliamentary Law, as contained in Roberts Rules of Order, except as may be otherwise provided by the By Laws.



Article X


The election of officers shall be by secret ballot mailed to all members in good standing of this Association in advance of scheduled elections except in uncontested elections. All ballots to be returned to the Secretary correctly marked in sealed envelopes at specified date preceding annual election when ballots will be opened in presence of the membership by a committee of three appointed by the President for such duties. Ballots may be presented as above, in person to the Secretary at the annual election meeting before or at time of roll call of members.



Article XI


Section 1. The annual dues shall be Forty Dollars ($40.00) per annum, payable by the last day of February. Failure to pay dues shall be cause for loss of active membership status.



Article XII


No part of the Constitution or By Laws shall be altered or repealed unless the proposed amendment be offered in writing at a regular meeting of the Association, and be borne upon the notice of the meeting and receive the sanction of two-thirds of the members present at the next meeting. Due and timely notice of proposed amendments shall be mailed to each member at his last known address before action is taken.


Revised for submission and review 1994